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Staples 're-wired' to focus on end-user customer

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Staples' hotly-contested corporate responsibility award was presented to Nadoli. From left, Staples' national merchandising manager Lisa Mangion, Nadoli's GP Singh and Louise Song and Staples CEO Darren Fullerton.


While the US parent company is in the process of restructuring its international operations, Staples Australia is on a mission to increase sales through a greater focus on the end-user customer.


Speaking at the company's 'Partnership Summit' in Sydney last week, Staples Australia/New Zealand president Darren Fullerton said the business is in the “best shape it's ever been in” and is primed to increase revenues through a new key supplier program.


Following a series of senior management changes, Fullerton said the company has been “re-wired” to implement a new customer-focus strategy aimed at increasing the company's share of the mid-market sector.


Having been in the job for just under 12 months, Fullerton said his “early observations” were that Staples was a “great business but under-leveraged”. It also had “great talent” but they were “siloed” and while it has a "great network of suppliers", not all of them were "geared for growth".

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